Evaluation For Proper Blood Culture Collection Of Blood Cultures

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Introduction Healthcare mistakes can be costly (Kelly & Klim, 2013). One particular mistake that is a common source of costliness and wasteful spending on many levels is the improper collection of blood cultures. Blood culture collection is a necessity in the treatment of many conditions, including pneumonia, cellulitis, and other bacterial infections (). INSERT STUFF FROM PHONE HERE .Blood cultures provide a guide for diagnosing and treating a patient with sepsis (Kelly & Klim). Self et al. (2013) agrees that the unnecessary interventions from contaminated specimens prove to cost the hospital time, effort and thousands of dollars Guidelines for the proper collection of blood cultures include many recommendations that exhibit quality and excellence. This paper’s purpose is to identify an evidence-based project (EBP) proposal for proper blood culture collection, especially in the emergency department setting by identifying the problems associated with blood culture draws, addressing the need for change in practice. Assessing the need for change in practice consists of identifying stakeholders, in the change process, collecting and analyzing data collected, identifying the problem and presenting outcomes and interventions for the problem (Larrabee, 2012).
Quality Measures: Clinical excellence and quality Quality is the standard by which a benchmark is set. This may be for a service or a good. Quality is the benchmark by which we think something is not only done right

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