Partner Engagement

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Quality is a measurement of how well we adhere to our documented processes, which in turn reflects on how we are delivering the On Your Side Promise to our members.

Marlo your overall return ratio for the year is a 6.85% and is successful. This is a combined total score as you transitioned to PUL team in March of this year. Prior to March you had maintained an auto return ratio of 3.3% which is strong, but combined with your PUL return ratio of 9.3 it brings your overall return ratio to a 6.85%. In addition to your quality return ratio you have completed your file returns with the 3 day business days and have consistently demonstrated the ability to make good business decisions.

Marlo you did a nice job at being able to maintain your
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You have also done a successful job at managing your daily work list and managing your time effectively to meet deadlines that have been set for the business unit.

The Partner Engagement is about how we make an impact to the customer experience and how we drive customer satisfaction through our individual contributions. It consists of various elements such as professional communication, making timely phone calls or providing examples as to how we can improve our customer service skills.

Marlo you have done a successful job in partner engagement. You consistently drive customer satisfaction through your individual contributions. You have shared two of those examples with the following policies - 9234PU206470 and 9234PU082084.

As we move towards the goal of being One Nationwide it is important that we work together as one team and that we demonstrate an above the line behavior when it comes to collaborating, learning new opportunities and managing change that benefits our company and our members.

Marlo you have demonstrated you wiliness to adapt to change this year as you took on a new a product after being a auto screener for many years. Being willing to learn this new product has helped the PUL team with decreasing their backlog. Thank you for helping out the PUL
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You also have participated in team icebreakers, team lunches and attending our team outing. In addition to the team engagement activities you have participated in the Harvest for Hunger Lip Sync battle and did karaoke at the screening outing . You also had the idea to help increase our engagement score by asking the screeners how they interpret the Gallup questions. Nice job with engagement this year.

Marlo it has been a pleasure having you on the CARO Screening Team. You have had a very successful year and have worked hard to maintain a successful quality and production scores even with learning a new product this year. Thank you for your contributions to engagement and for your participation.

In November you transitioned to the Associate Underwriter position, I wish you the best of luck in your new
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