Evaluation Of A Program Evaluation

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Program Evaluation Time-Out is the title for the proposed program, providing prevention and solution-based services to African American high school student-athletes in Hampton, Virginia (Baskerville, 2015). To begin with, this paper will provide a comprehensive program evaluation model for the program. Secondly, it will outline the evaluation framework the program will use to evaluate the program. Next, the paper will provide a timeline detailing when critical evolution task for the program will take place. Leading to, how program evaluation will maintain the program’s sustainability. From there, the paper will explain how the evaluation results will be shared with the stakeholders and the community. In conclusion, it will discuss strategies to create a culture of evaluation within the program. Theoretical framework The program evaluation begins with the program design to assess overall effectiveness and efficiency of implementation of the program (Calley, 2011). To illustrate the program evaluation, a theoretical framework has been developed using Calley’s Comprehensive Program Development Model’s for the proposed program, using the three major evaluations: fidelity assessment, process evaluation, outcomes evaluation. Fidelity Assessment Fidelity assessment evaluates a program’s ability to implement its original program design. With that said, the Treatment Fidelity Assessment Checklist will be used to assess the program’s fidelity. In other words, the

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