Washington State's Early Childhood Education: Outcome Analysis

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Bania, N., Kay, N. A., Aos, S., & Pennucci, A. (2014). Outcome evaluation of washington state’s early childhood education and assistance program. (Document No. 14-12-2201). Olympia: Washington State Institute for Public Policy.
Discuss three key points you took away from this evaluation.
1. A key point that I took away from the Outcome Evaluation of Washington State’s Early Education and Assistance Program was the importance in identifying the tools used to determine the quality measured. This will ensure that the audience is able to view what progress was made or not made. As I complete my Capstone Project I will be specific and connect the aspects of quality measured by the system and tools used. This will permit me to measure the quality …show more content…

If not, why not?
What types of things were barriers to or facilitated attaining program implementation objectives?
3. The third key point that I took away from the evaluation was the importance of developing a performance evaluation system. The evaluation system is a key component that assists to “assess both short-term and long-term outcomes for participants in the program, including educational and social outcomes” (Bania et al., 2014, p. 5). I learned that when the system is implemented effectively, it ensures accountability and promotes growth. In what ways, does this relate to your own self-study/evaluation plan and why?
The evaluation that I reviewed related to my own evaluation because it Invest heavily in planning. In was clear that they had invested both time and effort in deciding what they want to learn from their evaluation. Also, based on the information provided they discussed what they plan to do with their findings. The Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation (2010) state “for evaluation information to be useful, it must be analyzed and interpreted.” (p. 3). This week’s reading assignment supported me to successfully analyze the data gathered concerning the program I selected. Also, it provided some basic information about different procedures for analyzing evaluation data to help me comprehend and participate more fully in this procedure. For instance, I learned that I can “analyze information about attainment of program implementation using a descriptive process” that describes what was completed or plan to complete (OPRE, 2010, p.

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