Evaluation Of A Research And Qualitative Research

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In this section I will explain and describe each part of a Research Designed Process and how researchers use this process. A research process is an iterative process which is complex, is always back and forth when it comes to a process, this process never ends. This process goes two ways there is a Quantitative research and a Qualitative Research. The first way that I will talk about will be the Quantitative Research.

The way that Literature is defined in the research process is as an assessment of a body of research that addresses a research question. The main purpose of this is to identify what is already known about an area of a study. It also explains why a furtherance of this study is important in the research question of a field. Literature includes three types of knowledge and these are Content, Method, and Theory. Content is what we know regarding our research, the method is what we use to know what we know about the research and the theory is why we know what we know about the research. What these three components mean regarding our research is that content are our ideas, methods are what we use to get what we want in our research and the theory is what we know and apply to the research.

The way that Theory is defined in the research process is as a way of making sense of a situation. They represent uncertain solutions to problems. A theory is a generalization about a phenomenon an explanation of how and why something occurs; a system of generalizable statement
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