Critical Appraisal of Researches - Qualitative Assignment

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Qualitative Research Assignment

1. Was there a clear statement of the aims of the research ?
Yes. In the article, the aim of the research was to understand the experience of participants, their knowledge about type 2 diabetes, and the factors of medication adherence in Malaysia. According to Susan (2010), the five components of PICOT are population, issue, context, outcome, and time. According to Al-Qazaz et al (2011), the PICOT was presented by the researcher in the study were,
P: Type 2diabetes patients with receiving of hypoglycemic medication.
I: Identifying participants’ perception, and their knowledge about type 2 diabetes disease and medication.
C: USM clinic of Malaysia, where the study took place.
O: It helps people living …show more content…

It would be better if the researcher use purpose sampling into the study.Purpose sampling is to choose participants based on specific purposes, and it is primarily used in qualitative research (Polit and Beck, 2012). it can achieve representativeness of the population and provide credibility of the result, because the researcher will not only focus on one clinic during recruitment of participants.

5. Were the data collected in a way that addressed the research issues ?
Yes.A semi-structured interview was developed for data collecting of the research. Semi-structured interview is a paper-based interview guide which contain open-ended questions and the participant to follows (RWJF,2008). Moreover,Semi-structured interview provide rich, detailed information in the phenomenon study (Polit and Beck, 2012). In the study, the researcher has described in-depth interview to explore patients’ beliefs and experiences. Besides, a consent form was signed by participants before interview, a direct tell phone contact for arranging a time of interview. Further more, all the interview has been audiotaped, and the researcher did line by line analysis and coding the data to identify the key themes. The researcher interpreted to the participants who could not understand English during the

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