Evaluation Of A Single Patient Suffering From A Severe Korsakoff 's Syndrome

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Research by Della Barba, Cipolotti and Denes (1990) focuses on the assessment of memory dysfunction based on the case study of a single patient suffering from a severe Korsakoff’s syndrome. Researchers focused on three main purposes for this study. One being to critically assess if selective impairment of episodic memory is affected due to amnesia without impairment of semantic memory. When confabulations appear, is it due to faulty memories or only when the patient is using specific forms of recall. Finally researchers were looking to answer the question: are provoked confabulations the result of standard responses or are they ongoing, creating new memories and replacing old ones. Della Barba et al. (1990) studied the case of a 67-year-old woman suffering from Korsakoff’s syndrome resulting from excessive alcohol abuse. In order to test how unstable her memory was researchers put the patient through a number of examinations. During the initial procedure, the patient was assessed both neurologically and through neuropsychological examination. Based on results from the patients CT scan, she presented mild cerebral atrophy. EMG results showed the patient had axnopathic neuropathy while EEG results showed normal results. Overall, the patients’ memory tests suggested she was suffering from impairment in her everyday life because she was not able to recall recent events in her life, nor could she retain new information. Baseline assessment of the patient was measured

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