Evaluation Of The Elementary Classroom

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Supervision Narrative I conducted observations at the high school, middle school, and elementary levels. At the elementary level I observed a first grade teacher on October 22nd and 23rd at Hambright Elementary school and observed language arts and math instruction. On the first day I went in the morning and observed the beginning of the day routines. At this point in the year the teacher had established the rules and procedures for student arrival. Students arrived and immediately placed item in their individual compartments, sat at their desks, and worked on assignments posted on the board until all students arrived. The teacher gave verbal reminders to the class as a whole. She gave positive corrections and verbally pointed out positive examples of students following the appropriate procedures. I observed the teacher instructing on vocabulary, sentence structure, and reading. The following day I came in the afternoon and observed a math lesson, the teacher and a guest reading a chapter book, and the dismissal procedures. The elementary classroom functioned on a lot of structure and procedures: transition from one activity to another, submission of homework, restroom request, and arrival/dismissal. The amount of energy and enthusiasm needed by the teacher to keep the students engaged was commendable. The teacher changed the activity every ten to fifteen minutes. During reading time, she worked with a group of six students at a table while watching the remainder of the

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