Evaluation Of The Possibility Of Differentiation Between Various Types Of Ammunition

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Ballistics (B5) Literature Review
Evaluation of the possibility of differentiation between various types of ammunition by means of GSR examination with SEM-EDX method (2001)

This paper assesses the use of a scanning electron microscope with an energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer (SEM-EDX) to analyse gunshot residue (GSR) and determine the type of ammunition used, as well as the gun it was fired from. GSR is the remains of the primer and propellant from the ammunition after a gun is fired. GSR analysis is widely used for a number of issues, such as determining if a suspect has fired a gun, estimating shooting distance, etc. [1]. It cannot usually give detailed information on the type of ammunition used. However, this paper aims to determine how effective SEM-EDX is at differentiating between a six different types of ammunition, fired out of six different pistols. A person will shoot a pistol containing the ammunition, then any residues on their hands will be sampled. The experiment measures the frequency of each class of GSR particle found on each of the six samples. SEM-EDX can analyse both the appearance of the GSR particles, and their chemical components. This is important in cases where pieces of evidence such as bullet casings are unavailable; GSR analysis with SEM-EDX may be able to determine the type of ammunition or gun used. The paper is 14 years old, since then computing and programming has become much more efficient, so the automated aspects of this experiment

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