Evaluation Report On The Army Board For Corrections Of Military Records

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If you have received a negative evaluation report, it is important to understand what recourses are available to you. To address these types of situations, the Army has a specific program, known as the Evaluation Report Redress Program. Under the provisions detailed by the (U.S. Department of the Army 2015), the Evaluation Report Redress Program is comprised of multiple elements: communication through counseling, regulatory requirements, the commander’s inquiry, the appeals system, and application to the Army Board for Corrections of Military Records (ABCMR).
Prior to using the program and before beginning an appeal, individuals should first consider several items. Foremost, an honest self-assessment is needed. After an honest …show more content…

Department of the Army, 2015). After consideration of the items previously mentioned, an individual may decide to officially address a negative evaluation report. If so, several elements of the redress program are locally available, including communication through counseling, adherence to regulatory requirements, and a commander’s inquiry. An appeals system and involvement of the ABCMR are other components of the program.
The first and the easiest step to address a negative evaluation report is communication through counseling. An individual should make every attempt to sit down with the rating chain and discuss any discrepancies he or she believes is part of the evaluation report. As part of this communication, individuals must be specific when citing examples of their accomplishments made during the rating period. In the same manner, if certain achievements were omitted from the evaluation report, an attempt to clarify why these elements were not reflected in the evaluation report must be discussed. Communication through counseling is the preferred redress method, particularly since it can effectively and efficiently address any miscommunication between the individual being rated and the rater.
If the previously described step of communication

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