Everett Zoo Case Study

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This section of my portfolio showcases my ability to analyze, design, implement, maintain, and evaluate problems/solutions in the key nonprofit functional areas including fundraising, planning, financial management, board governance, volunteer management, and information management.
In the first document you will find under learning outcome 7 is my analysis of the volunteer management at a nonprofit that I volunteered with. This document supports my learning about the importance of a well thought out, strategically planned volunteer program. I review both the strength and the weakness of the volunteer management for the Northampton Jazz Festival. Within the document you will find a volunteer job description that I have created. The ability to design an effective volunteer position description is a skill that all nonprofit managers should possess. Volunteers are a staple of the nonprofit sector and are vital to the sector's ability to operate. It is necessary for an organization’s leaders to properly prepare for volunteers and to view them as unpaid staff.
The second document that supports learning outcome seven is a paper I wrote about staff retention. Staff retention is problem that entire nonprofit sector struggles with. Staff turnover is costly for nonprofits and hinders their ability to thrive. Within this paper I offer
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This paper showcases the importance of communication with donors. It is so important that fundraisers have a well thought out plan for gifts and effectively communicate it with donors. This paper revolves around ensuring that a donor and an organization is a good fit and understands the desires of the each party before entering into a partnership together. Once a gift has been pledged an organization needs to practice good stewardship by creating open lines of communication with the donor and by working with the donors to ensure that both parties are happy the gift giving
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