Every Job And Company Has Unique Benefits And Challenges.

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Every job and company has unique benefits and challenges. A company would not have created a position in an organization if there are no tasks to complete and deadlines to meet. This is relevant if one is either the founder of a company or employed to perform a job to help the company achieve its goals. I currently work as a Financial Services Manager and enjoy what I do and yet to make it my dream job I would consider adding additional responsibilities that would allow me to gain additional knowledge, travel and have the flexibility to work from home.
In 2001, two wholesaler distributors merged to form AmerisourceBergen Drug Company (ABDC). AmerisourceBergen later acquired a group of companies ASD HealthCare and ICS which were sister …show more content…

We remain scale to grow with the manufactures and provide innovative, compliant and cost efficient processes to ensure the patient receives the critical drugs used in all types of medical settings supported by the manufacturer. Recently through acquisitions made by AmerisourceBergen such as MWI, the largest veterinary medical products supplier, World Courier Inc, a global specialty distribution logistics provider and strategic joint ventures and partnership with Walgreens the specialty distribution has expanded into global markets. In my role, I have support the financial system integrations in Canada and Australia. We look to build upon this by developing logistical services in countries in Europe and South America.
ICS is one of the most widely recognized third party logistics companies in its industry. We are seamless to the end customer as we represent the manufactures. We provide emerging manufactures the necessary infrastructure and knowledge necessary to get their product into the market. With 20 plus years of experience in the market and providing world class service consultants and manufacturers rely on these qualities of ICS. The support of our parent company AmerisourceBergen has allowed ICS to make significant investments in infrastructure and human capital. Infrastructure investments such as warehouses and equipment has been instrumental in the optimization of inventory

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