Every New Mother’s Decision Essay

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Every new mother wants what is best for her new child. The months of planning and making decisions are all done to try to create a road map for a happy and healthy child. One of the important decisions that a mother has to make is whether to breastfeed or formula feed her newborn. Even though formula may have a few benefits to children, breastfeeding has extraordinary advantages that will carry a baby from infancy through adulthood. Choosing to breastfeed gives a child the ability to get a head start to a healthier, happier life. Breastfeeding can boost a child’s immune system to guard against diseases and can economically help the child’s family. Being able to figure out what is the best choice for a newborn can be difficult to do.…show more content…
Otitis media is an infection behind the eardrum, and if not treated properly or fast enough can cause speech and hearing impairments (Carson-Dewitt, Rosalyn, Frey 1-2). Studies have shown that in the case of otitis media, only 25 percent of babies that are exclusively breastfed for the first six months of their life obtain this disease compared to the 53 percent of formula-fed babies (Weimer 25). The second disease is atopic dermatitis, which is form of eczema or inflamed skin rash that causes unbearable itching (Haggerty 1). “Gastroenteritis refers to vomiting or diarrhea as a discrete illness for a 24-hour period,” and necrotizing enterocolitis is also a gastrointestinal tract illness, and is a source of premature infant death. Studies have also shown that only 14 percent of infants who are breastfed contract gastroenteritis, which is compared to the 31 percent of formula-fed newborns. “Over 90 percent of necrotizing enterocolitis cases affects premature infants,” however, only one percent of infants that are breastfed obtain necrotizing enterocolitis compared to the seven percent of formula-fed infants (Weimer 25-26). However, all of the diseases listed above can have life altering effects, and in some severe cases, could lead to death. Breastfeeding does not only decrease the risk of the newborn contracting diseases, breastfeeding also decreases the mother’s risk of certain diseases. If a
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