Everyday Beauty Can Be Appreciated And Not Taken For Granted

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Everyday beauty arises out of aesthetic objects in daily life. These objects fit together to create and usher harmony, pleasure, and peace to my life. Little items that carry everyday beauty are the things that should be treasured; this is not always the case in my life. Things that are present every day can become items that are overlooked and expected. Everyday beauty can, but should not, be easily disregarded. Everyday beauty needs to be appreciated and not taken for granted. Pleasures, stemming from everyday beauty, can come from anywhere. For me, one of the places everyday beauty comes from is my owl blanket. With the blanket’s tiny owls, dressed in their small purple hats and pink scarfs the owls brace for a long upcoming winter. It is impossible to feel any negative emotions or thoughts when wrapped in its snugly warmth. Crying is quickly subdued when I wrap myself in the blanket. The Fabric acts as a shield against the outside world, guarding me against destructive forces. This blanket brings me immeasurable happiness throughout the frigid fall. No matter what the owls want me to think, the blanket can only be used for a couple of months out of the year, due to its thinness. Despite this, I still keep the owl blanket as part of my room’s décor. Even if I cannot use it unless I want to give myself a heatstroke, I can still receive joy from looking on the many small owls upon the fabric. This enormous amount of delight, from this one colorful, blanket stands as one

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