Everyone Can Be A Leader! Leadership Is Something I Hope

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Everyone can be a leader! Leadership is something I hope to enhance in the next few years. I believe that everyone has the capability of becoming a leader, in which can be in many different ways. While currently enrolled in Career Leadership Academy part 1, there are many aspects I’ve learned about what leadership is, how it is viewed, how to improve, and strengths I have as an individual. Through surveys and readings in Introduction to Leadership (Northouse, 2015), and using the Strengths finder assessment to figure my strengths as a person individually, I can learn how to focus on those areas when working with a team. In an effort to maximize and utilize my strong suits, it can very well help me become a better leader in the foreseen …show more content…

I am not too surprised trait was my lowest because I do not agree fully that “leaders are born, not made” (Northouse, 2015, p. 4). Yes, certain traits for a particular situation demanded are necessary, but leaders can most definitely be made, or at least the skills can be attained. I can see behavior as being one of my lower scores because there are areas in this category I can see myself improving on. Behavior is very observational, this is what followers and others look for. Behavior is broken down into two parts: task behaviors, and process behaviors. Both are required to be considered leadership. I think that I can work on helping people feel more comfortable while working together rather than ignoring the issue, which is something I look forward to improving on, and also my strength of being harmonic is something to focus on as well, since avoiding debate and conflict is something I do, but I can work on my strength more in harmonizing a situation. Leadership is something everyone can learn to do to some extent. If someone is knowledgeable in the subject, that person will have insight on how to guide followers and how to be effective in doing that particular project. Someone who coaches a soccer team, but has no experience ever with soccer, may not be as suitable as opposed to someone who has played in their lifetime and is familiar with the game. As long as the person has positive leader qualities according to the

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