The Model Of Emergent Leadership

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Tuvia Bielski: The Model of Emergent Leadership

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to take charge, and take on leadership roles in a short period of time? Some people may say that not everyone can be leader. Some also believe that leaders are born with the necessary qualities, which make them successful as a leader. Others believe that leadership, like many other character traits, can be learned and developed through life. The debate depends on how you define leadership, if you ask me. A leader can be made in certain situations of survival. It can range from promoting what is right to perform social changes, or just to execute their own ideas. When you are a leader you gain a certain sense of independence, and pride to that you started something. Therefore, when it’s finished you get to show people that you were able to accomplish all of this.
As I was watching the movie “Defiance” by Edward Zwick, I came across the character Tuvia Bielski. The movie unfolded a leader in front our eyes. Tuvia became the leader of the partisan group. His characteristics that possessed before he took his position, groomed him into the leader he was then. In Edward Zwick’s movie “Defiance,” Tuvia Bielski became a leader because of the circumstances he found himself in.
Defining Leadership
Leadership means the period during which a person occupies the position of leader. A “leader" is someone who brings a group people together, and directs them toward a common goal. Someone can

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