Everyone Defines Happiness Differently, Everyone Enjoys

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Everyone defines happiness differently, everyone enjoys different things but, we know happiness when we experience it. The phrase is used to describe a variety of positive feelings, including fulfillment, gratification, joy and appreciation. Happiness comes when we are pleased and contented. Happiness is a feeling of contentment that life is just as it should be. The right happiness, enlightenment, comes when you have all of your needs satisfied, because when we let ourselves be happy, it becomes easier said than done. According to Thomas Moore, enchantment is an ascendancy of the soul, a condition that allows us to connect, for the most part, lovingly and intimately, with the world we inhabit and the people who make up our families and…show more content…
“The Soul is mortal meaning that it dies, it is one’s inner self what pleases it is it needs to stay lively” (148). “A relationship to disenchantment could be destroying a strip of an establishment such as shopping malls and Grocery stores” (146). Thomas Moore gives several examples of Re-enchantment that he thinks are disenchanting. You do not have to look far for ruins. Ruins are enchanting, the ruins that he calls enchanting are not really enchanting but instead disenchanting because the functions of these things once fulfilled has gone off likes a bird flying away from the nest. “We are left with objects that have a hollowness that we can fill with our own wonder and fantasy” (86). Moore provides examples throughout his book which supports his theories of everyday life. I credit Moore and his theory of enchantment in the world, which can and does differ from other human resources. You are surrounded by “real,” individual things not imitated. When you appreciate the individual surroundings that are an enchantment, you’re honoring the exact qualities that make a place special. “We need Physical images to embody the spirit that has polluted towns and wilderness, because enchantment can’t be achieved into the abstract” (146). By connecting with other places far away with different ethics, we can take enchantment home with you. An example of this would be sharing personal interests and enjoying similar music to conjure up the

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