Essay about Everyone Has the Right and Obligation to Vote in America

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Voting is an opportunity given to Americans. As Americans we live in a democracy. Americans live in a democracy that is subjected to vote; a democracy where people have fought for the right to vote on many situations and for the rights of Americans to not be infringed. However, sometimes people just do not vote. Perhaps, reason being is some Americans are not familiar with the background of America and where voting all started. Maybe, some Americans think it all boils down to the electoral votes and their vote simply is not significant. Maybe, it could be that they possibly do not care for politics and do not intend on involving themselves around something they do not understand. There are many reasons why Americans choose to vote and many …show more content…

As states, “An amendment granting women the constitutional right to vote was proposed in 1878, but 40 years lapsed before it was finally passed” (2012, pg.1). Soon after that young adults were given the right to vote. The 26th amendment prevented the states denying anyone eighteen or older the right to cast their ballot. The election process has also changed since then with many restrictions and laws. Allowing Americans to only vote on a certain day with results received in a timely manner.
In addition, for years many people have voted on presidents, laws, regulations, representatives, and much, much, more. Some Americans feel the need to vote in order to be a better citizen or to cast their opinion on the given situation. The biggest theory is self-expression. Americans vote because they want to express their thoughts and opinions on who they think should be the next president, or who consider being a new representative. Likewise, some Americans believe that voting makes someone “fit in” more. Some people, of course, vote because they believe their vote will make a difference, according to a study published by Melissa Acevedo, PhD, of Westchester Community College, and Joachim Krueger, PhD, of Brown University, in Political Psychology(Vol. 25, No.1). Several studies also show voting for many people is also a habit or a norm. It is something our friends, families, parents do. According to Robert Longley (2011), a writer for government blogs, “Among

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