Everyone Should Obtain A College Degree Analysis

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The educational system is place to educate. While in the last several decades there has been a significant increase in college attendance and subsequent graduations, college is not for everyone. There are just as many people who do not wish to attend college as there is who do. With that we are not all the same and while one does not want to attend college that doesn’t make them any less intelligent or lazy for that matter. In my opinion the education system should invest more time and resources to provide opportunities to those who desire to enter the workforce without obtaining a college degree. Obtaining a trade craft, like obtaining a degree is something that cannot in theory be taken away, it is also way of self-improvement. I also believe that everyone’s circumstances are different and providing students with a trade craft, stands to reduce the number of people who sort of all through the cracks and end up on government assistance or turn to life of crime. With the increasing number of ways to attend college or earn credit alternatively, eventually obtaining a college degree is still a possibility. I however, also believe that learning to think critically is a beneficial skill that ultimately influences growth. Again, it is my opinion that with growth comes new understanding that allows one to then educate and inspire others to also seek things outside of their comfort zone.…show more content…
In short, it acknowledges that those who obtain college degrees will earn more over their lifetime than someone who does not have a college degree. As previously mentioned everyone is different, those who learn best by doing or kinesthetic learnings may do better in trade school as oppose to those who are visual or auditory learning will likely do well in a college classroom
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