Evidence Based Intervention: The Importance Of Scientific Research In Schools

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For my evidence based intervention I understand the importance of scientific research to inform my practice, however, I believe that the consideration of individual characteristics is just as important. I must consider the issues of lack of confidence, purpose and effort for each of my students and use research to develop strategies that may work for my students. I have developed a range of data on the students’ academic results, attitudes in classes, students learning style, teachers’ comments on these students in a range of classes, students’ self-belief as well as their belief about education and where their goals for education and where they see themselves going after school. Evidence based intervention allows for a targeted group of students …show more content…

Nicole is striving in Technology and this led me to investigate why this subject was receiving excellence over some of her other subjects. She explained to me that in Design and Visual Communications (DVC) is potentially something she wanted to do a career, she saw the purpose of this subject and enjoyed the hands-on aspect of the course. Through talking with the students, I began to develop relationships with these students. Nicole has been bullied at her old school and is continuing outside of school. This was developed when she was talking to me about how she recognises that her bullying is always on her mind and that she sometimes struggles to focus due to this issue. Through observations, I believe this is reflected through her low self-efficacy, she often resorts to asking for help before she has considered the issue. Her confidence has been affected by her bullying and it is affecting her in other areas of …show more content…

Andy shows potential and enjoys the learning process, but his lack of determination to pursue is potential and to ensure all work is reflecting his potential is denying Andy to achieve grades which reflect his potential. Andy’s survey developed the idea that science lessons bore him and the material in class is uninteresting, this links to the idea that engineering is an option if he gets the right marks, Chemistry is quite removed from his passion of Metal Work and where he sees himself going. This intervention will require the development of the relatability of Chemistry to his life, so material become more interesting and engaging for him. Andy’s teachers, his reports and my observations all note the same idea, Andy is a capable student who lacks a focus and determination to work hard. Andy is understanding lessons and asking questions yet he dislikes the work that is required to complete for internal and external exams. I believe that through goals and monitoring Andy may find his purpose and begin to engage in all his work which will be reflected through an increase of the results he is

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