Evil Vs Religion

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There’re a lot of questions with very little answers that people had and have about things that are taking place in the world. The question of why has been around for centuries. Some questions have gotten answers and other didn’t. When talking about evil, suffering and religious faith, there will always be a question in a person mind. The question of why are things hot and cold? What things go up and down, and why are people tall and short? Scientists, anthropologies, psychologies, and philosophies have all done their research on the matter of how things functions around the world. Each day, there’re more researchers being done on who, what, when, where, and how. Which bring be to my question what cause evil and suffering, and what part dose religious faith play?
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I think I would been consume with doubt and fear at that moment of my life. I know within that moment I would have called out for God help, but I stills would had been fearful of my life. The incident of 9/11 left me less likely in believing in God because if he couldn’t save those people why me. I think about the young lady who is a writer name Marian Fontana. She talked about how she prayed all the time before 9/11. She was a person that had faith in God. She felts that God would come through and answer all of her prayers. When her husband died in the attack of 9/11. She had lost her faith in God. She don’t think she would ever believe in him like she did in the past. She believe is would be a long time before she gets back to the way she was about God.
In closing, this back of my point I talked about in the top of my paper. Suffering can happen in two ways self-inflicted or cause by someone else, or somethings. Whatever the case is we cannot get around it or do anything about it. It is a part of life like evil and

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