Evolution Of The American Healthcare System

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Patient-lined Pockets: Evolution of the American Healthcare System Healthcare is a necessary part of life. Having an accessible and high quality healthcare system defines the quality of life in a country. Healthcare protects, treats, and supports individuals’ physical and well-being. However, there is a growing trend in which profits are superseding the importance of patients. Healthcare in the United States has gone from public welfare to private funding. While healthcare should be considered a right for all, for-profit healthcare businesses are taking the focus off of what is best for the patient and refocusing on what is best for the bottom-line. It is time for America’s healthcare system to put the patient first. Healthcare in…show more content…
Doctors were originally paid for their services by a flat-rate system called “fee for service”; eventually, this fair and clear system “began to fade as doctors increasingly found themselves working for corporations that made profits from pre-paid healthcare by reducing costs of healthcare, carefully restricting services, and focusing on preventative healthcare.” (Fillmore). Doctors were now working not only to provide an income for themselves, but to bring in profits for the insurance companies and hospitals as well. Introducing health insurance companies into the system split Americans into two groups: those with health insurance and those without. Fortunately, employer-sponsored healthcare plans were widely popular including union-negotiated health care plans that greatly reduced the impact of health care costs on middle-class workers. Regrettably, none of those plans help to lessen the burden of health care costs among those individuals without healthcare coverage. People suffering from pre-existing medical conditions or considered high-risk could be denied medical coverage under a health insurance plan; whereas, some of those that did qualify for coverage could not afford insurance. This division of benefits left many to ask the question: is healthcare a right or a privilege? According to Daley, past president of American Nurses Association, the United States spends more per capita for health care
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