Evolution Of The American Healthcare System

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Patient-lined Pockets: Evolution of the American Healthcare System Healthcare is a necessary part of life. Having an accessible and high quality healthcare system defines the quality of life in a country. Healthcare protects, treats, and supports individuals’ physical and well-being. However, there is a growing trend in which profits are superseding the importance of patients. Healthcare in the United States has gone from public welfare to private funding. While healthcare should be considered a right for all, for-profit healthcare businesses are taking the focus off of what is best for the patient and refocusing on what is best for the bottom-line. It is time for America’s healthcare system to put the patient first. Healthcare in America has evolved drastically from the simple beginnings of in-home doctor visits and natural remedies to a complex multi-billion-dollar system of health insurance companies, prescription drugs, research, and preventative care. The earliest hospitals in the United States were built by city governments to treat the poor and eventually became the standard for treating all citizens; however, even with the introduction of a public health system, medical practice and treatment remained relatively simple. The beginning of the twentieth century marked the beginning of private health insurance and the first large medical insurance company – Blue Cross (Fillmore). Increasing advancements in medical technology led the way for increasing…
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