Evolution Should Not Be Taught In Schools Essay

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The theory of evolution was created by Charles Darwin. It is the theory that everything was made by the Big Bang and so, life began. From there, life began to evolve. Charles Darwin also believes that we humans evolved from homo sapiens, which are apes. Intelligent design and creationism are the opposite of the theory of evolution. They are the theory that life and everything along with it, was created by a higher intelligence(Intelligent Design Network). Half of all Americans believe in creationism, but U.S courts still rule against teaching creationism in school(Adler). How is that fair if Darwinians are allowed to teach the theory of evolution in school? It goes against many religions and should not be allowed to be taught at schools, just as creationism is not allowed to be taught at schools. The theory of evolution should not be taught at public schools because it is a matter of religion, it is …show more content…

Since so many Americans believe that the theory of evolution does not explain why humans are the way they are, why teach it to our children? It doesn’t even make sense! The theory of evolution goes against many religions as well, like Christianity for example. We should be allowed to vote for what they teach children in schools. How would you like it if the government decides what your children are learning and you don’t get a say in it? Especially if it goes against your beliefs. Some say that science fails to view the true nature of the world when it declines to accept anything other than material evidence. Evolution is the same, it only wants to accept material evidence. Evolution is like a book that has some errors. How can it turn into a different story with only those errors? Who would believe that old books with typos in them create new books (Vedantam)? So, in conclusion, whose side of the line do you stand

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