Evolution of Aesthetic Medicine and its Implications on Modern Society

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Throughout this century, the term natural beauty has taken a wide variety of definitions. Aesthetic treatments are rapidly becoming socially sought after in large urbanized communities, and this craze is rapidly progressing towards a flawless sales tactic for all cosmetic surgeons and media alike—proclaiming that one should invest in themselves. What was once seen as treatment for individuals in dire need is now evolving into a marketable service rendered to those with the means to obtain it. It is clear that demand for aesthetic surgery has skyrocketed in recent years, an increase caused by modern marketing tactics, technological development, as well as the modern idea of individualism and self-expression through artificial body …show more content…

One patient was satisfied with the results, but the other was unsure she wanted to undergo the procedure in the first place. This falls into the human understanding of using stereotypes in order to organize social worlds (Anonymous 2008). Some individuals still have a clouded perception on their motives for undergoing such procedures, and it is not until the damage has been done that feelings of regret occur. Media has created a massive social cult for several years by creating what is seen as the ideal physique, encouraging astray individuals to take extreme measures in order to conform.
Another significant factor towards the recent increase of cosmetic surgery procedures is attributed to major technological advancements in recent years. Modern advances in technology have significantly decreased pain level as well as post-operation complications. Cosmetic surgeons are also widely available and offer competitive rates in many urban centers. The repackaging of cosmetic surgery as a business has also allowed for surgeons to advertise, which only adds to a consumer’s temptation. This allows clinics to offer financing and other methods of payment, significantly increasing the accessibility to such services. Advertising campaigns are often aggressive and commission-based, and some firms go as far as offering discounts on multiple procedures. These additional procedures extend the amount of time a patient spends under anesthesia,

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