Evolution of Mass Communications Essay examples

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The evolution of mass communications has gone through major developments; from etching the beginnings of an alphabet into a rock the size of a standard dinner table to letting a computer recognize words spoken into a speaker as it types away what it hears. Dating back to around 1700 B.C. when the first alphabet was said to come into existence, society has come far in different fields of communications. Nothing made as large of an impact in the world of communications as the revolution of the Internet. Although the impact has been large, the Internet was certainly not the first to revolutionize communications. When many cities started to arise and become industrial-based, there became a need for more technological advancements. When there…show more content…
Parchment was stretched thin goatskin and held writing well but the animal needed to be killed in the process making it hard to mass-produce it. Paper was created after papyrus and was much cheaper. Although it was another creation that took a long process to make, it did its job better than its predecessors because it was easy to transport which meant more communication and could withstand all temperatures. The alphabet was a major development that revolutionized writing. Without the alphabet, we wouldn’t have the basics of the Internet, as we know it today. The keyboard is an essential to any phone, computer or tablet. Without the alphabet, there would be no keyboard. The alphabet is used to record information on computers and those similar devices. The thing that makes the alphabet so important to communication is that there will never be a substitute. For example, with a newspaper, there will always be some kind of substitute because tablets can display an entire newspaper on a screen but there isn’t and most likely will never be a second form of the alphabet. Printing was another innovation that changed writing and influenced the Internet. Johannes Gutenburg invented the printing press but changed the writing world with moveable type. He provided fuel for writings major progressions. Prior to the Renaissance, there were few books and the church wrote most of them. Books being printed meant for more people
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