Evolution of Natural Foods: Personal Point of View

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My topic is the health concerns associated with the evolution from hunter gathers to relying of others for supply, mainly as it pertains to meat, fruits, and vegetables, organic or inorganic. I plan on educating the reader on the evolution of “natural” food, and to ponder the question of how the quality of our food will be in the future and the health concerns. The area I will be focusing on is the Southern United States, Central and South America. In the beginning, it is understood that humans needed to survive by eating. They gathered wild vegetables, and hunted animals for meat. As there became more humans, the philosophy for trading one good for another began to lower the demand of having to hunt or gather on your own. It is hard to…show more content…
Stick bows, stick arrows, arrow heads carved from rock, I do not believe that I could do any of that. The topic is not as to if the indigenous peoples had a better diet, it is that today, it is not practical. I consider myself a natural meat eater about once a month. By this definition, I have gone into the wild and harvested wild game (legally). I have had the meat processed, packaged and frozen. Once a month I cook the food. I have deer venison, elk, javelin, mountain lion, and fish. I can explain later how I prepare the venison using family recipes to produce what I think is a good, healthy dish. However, today, in our society, no one cares. It takes too much time, effort, and money. A lot of people have told me they have tried venison before and did not like it. I assume because they did not consider the person that harvested the animal. Shooting an animal, dragging it out through our desert, leaving the cape attached in 100 degree heat, can lead to a bad taste. This relates to my experience and heritage of the correct harvesting methods resulting to a better quality.
Elk Burgers:
1 pound of ground hamburger style elk venison
½ tbl spoon of butter
Ground Pepper
½ Cup Garlic Salt
Organic cheese
½ head of Lettuce,1 tomatoe
Onion cut into pieces and mashed with venison
Place on open flame for 8 mins then flip to other side

It may not seem like much, but this recipe has been in my family for 25 years, and I plan on passing

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