Evolutionary Biology Chapter Summary

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In the recent years pathogens, pests, and cancers have shown an increase in resistance or adaptation to control measures; this is mainly because control measures have been used without restraint. Conversely, wild species, crops, livestock, and human beings present a decrease in adaptation to changing environments. Evolution is defined as the change in the genetic composition of an entire population over time. The application of evolutionary biology encloses various manipulations that can slow the undesired evolution of pathogens, pests, and cancers; and increase the performance of other valuable species by decreasing the phenotype environment mismatch and increasing the group productivity. Some common applications of evolutionary biology are: environmental alignment, genome alteration, use of environmental heterogeneity, and focus in increase group performance.…show more content…
Just by reading the title, the author gives a clear introduction of the article’s content. The background information summarizes the present global challenges that need to be resolved. The global challenges that the author mentions in the background are: pathogens, pests, and cancers quickly evolve resistance to regulation methods; and valuable species do not adapt to climate change, habitat loss, toxicants, and life style change. Also, practices to resolve the global challenges mentioned above are included in the background. On this section, is possible to see the direct relationship between the problem, global challenges, and the solution, the application of evolutionary biology. The reader can predict some of the subtitles in the article from the section discussed
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