Evolutionary Psychology : The Brain, Immune System, And Genetics

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Psychologists within the biological Approach ‘assume that behaviour and experiences are caused by activity in the nervous system of the body.’ (Sammons, no date), so they look at the way the human brain works when it is dealing with thoughts, feelings and how it reacts to behaviours. They study the ‘the brain, immune system, nervous system, and genetics’ (Cherry, 2015) they do this to get the best results about how the brains reacts when put within these situations.

Evolutionary Psychology is of humans when they experience a changing environment and look for differences within their behaviours, their cognition and also their brain structure. They use observations to gain knowledge about how it affects people within the changes. Evolutionary psychology was based on the roots of Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection but it has been massively influenced by other fields such as, evolutionary biology, genetics, ethology and many more. They have all been taking into account and help develop evolutionary psychology over the years.

Mary Ainsworth theory on human attachment, she has based her studies on John Bowlby’s theory of attachment, she worked on and looked at what Bowlby said. Ainsworth had similar and different opinions on Bowlby’s theory of attachment but she has backed up her opinions within her research. Ainsworth and Bowlby both said that children have different types of attachment because they need security from others such as parents or carers. Ainsworth and

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