An Overview of Evolutionary Psychology

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Evolutionary psychology is the study of universal human nature, or the sex specific male human nature and female human nature. Human nature consists of domain-specific evolved psychological mechanisms. A psychological mechanism is an information-processing procedure which evolution by natural and sexual selection has equipped humans to possess in order to solve an adaptive problem, such as: survival and reproduction. Psychological mechanisms mostly operate behind our conscious thinking. Evolved psychological mechanisms produce values and preferences, which performers then pursue within their constraints; they also engender emotions.
Evolutionary psychology is important to the study of crime because it provides an understanding to human behavior, including criminal behavior and responses to criminal behavior. Evolutionary psychology also provides criminologist with the tools to examine domains that have been unknown or to discover features in the causal chain that otherwise might be missed by existing criminology theories. According to evolutionary psychology, all human behavior, criminal or otherwise is a creation of psychological mechanisms combined with environmental contribution that activates them or prevents their activation. All human behavior, at some essential level of description, requires psychological mechanisms and environmental input into those mechanisms for their activation. Without the presence of psychological, no behavior could be produced. Criminal

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