Evreed, The Red Warrior

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Once upon a time there was a strongest warrior in the world, named Evreed the “Red Warrior”. He brought a giant black sword everywhere. His roar was as load as a dragon and his strength was being aware by all of the creatures in the universe. He wore the heaviest red armor that ever made. He had a sharp eyes and a good looking face, with his terrified horse he crumbled the land.
One day when the red warrior hunted the beast for its skin he saw a beautiful castle on the top of hill. He decided to investigate that castle by himself. He was aware of his step and with his terrified red horse he quickly arrived at the castle. It was a crowded castle, it seemed the castle was a wealthy land.
The Warrior said, “I was never seen this castle before, I want to meet the King.”
Not too long till a little kid asked him, “Sir, are you a warrior?”
“Yes I am. Young one, what do you want from me?”
“Oh.. so, do you come here for the tournament Sir ?”
“Hm…. What tournament? Is there a tournament here?”
“So you don’t know about it? Yes, There is a tournament here and the winner become the princess husband”
“Hm…. It sounds interesting, I sign up for sure”
“Great!! I see you in the arena Sir.” and the Kid was run away.
The great warrior was signed up for the tournament. He wanted to know how strong the man in that land.
At the morning the tournament was begun, the first quest was the “Duel of the Fighter”.
The rule was to beat the opponents and to not kill them, and the winner would come to the

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