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Chapter 1
Review Questions 1. What is the goal of science?
The major goal of science is to ask & answer questions about the physical universe that we live in.

2. How is observation different from imagination?
Observation gathers only what data is obviously true. Imagination can go anywhere—factual or not.

3. Write an equation in words & then in symbols for the following sentence: The price of coffee beans is equal to the weight of the beans times the price of the beans per pound.

Cost of Beans (C) = Weight of Beans (Wb) x Cost per pound (Cp) (C) = (Wb) x (Cp)

4. Write an equation in words & then in symbols for the following sentence: The change in the number
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xviii. Applied

Review Questions

1. With what ancient science is Stonehenge associated?
Stonehenge functioned as a calendar by marking the seasons of the year & certain astronomical events (such as equinox &/or solstice). It did so by aligning stones around a central observation post so that they would align with astronomical events. Midsummer morning sunrise is aligned with the “Heel Stone.”

There are repetitive patterns in the astronomical movements of the sky. By carefully studying these movements, and marking them with sighting stones, the ancients could predict when certain events would reoccur.

2. Why was the Ptolemaic system accepted as an explanation of celestial motion for over a thousand years? What did it explain? What system challenged the idea that Earth was the center of the universe?
The Ptolemaic system explained the apparent observations of movement in the sun, moon, and planets. It also fit into the religious doctrine of the time that believed that earth was the center of the universe and all creation.

3. What were Tyco Brahe’s principal contributions to science? How did he try to resolve the question of the structure of the universe?
Tyco Brahe constructed large brass tools for astronomical measurements. These tools were built as accurately as possible. He even took into accound the expansion and contraction of the

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