Examination Of Behavioral Learning Theory

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Examination of Behavioral Learning Theory Behavioral learning theory encompasses three specific schools of thought, Pavlovian, The Thorndyke School of Thought, and Skinnerism. Behaviorist claimed that only observable “overt action” (that is, behavior) was worth studying because it’s the only thing we can see, and therefore measure empirically (Peters, 2013). In each of the instructional design examples the behaviorism concept is prevalent. As an example, The Anatomy of A Wind Turbine, The Wealthiest Americans Ever, and The Interactive Body relied on the user to click a portion of the interactive graphic. After their selection, the user received a new piece of previously hidden information. This is an example of positive reinforcement. Something was added each time the user made a selection, there by causing the user to continue to interact with the infographic. In contrast, during the Interactive Body exercise, the user received a combination of positive reinforcement along with a type of positive punishment. A message appeared ( something added) if the wrong answer was selected. This would cause the user to make well thought out responses, there by achieving the goal of knowledge acquisition, resulting in the desired or conditioned behavior, selecting the correct answer more frequently.In addition, the TEDTalk lesson also utilizes the behaviorism concept as the user selects buttons to progress and gain more information, similar to the above mentioned info

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