Examination Of Existing Literature : A Research Conducted By Bjornsdotir, Almarsdottir And Traulsen Essay

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2.1. Examination of Existing Literature Particularly noteworthy is the research conducted by Bjornsdotir, Almarsdottir and Traulsen (2009). In their paper they explicitly state that professionals, researchers and academics across the globe need to always bear in mind that the definitions and understandings they hold to be true, surrounding substances (which fall under the blanket of SUDs) may differ to varying degrees from those held by lay individuals throughout society (Bjornsdottir et al, 2009). Indeed, they go on to state that this dichotomy of understandings surrounding substance use and abuse between professional and lay people can, and has, negatively impacted the accuracy and validity of diagnosis of SUDs through the misunderstanding and/or confusion it breeds between the two groups. The implications of these differences in understanding between professionals and lay individuals could very well lead to the over-diagnosis of something which may not necessarily be a problem, or conversely the under-diagnosis of something which is. Furthermore, it is noted within the research of Bjornsdottir et al, (2009) that negative attitudes, images and understanding, reportedly held by many within the lay populace, has a direct adverse effect on an individual’s willingness to seek aid for SUDs. Following this line of thought the apparent lack of research pertaining to layperson interpretations and constructions, of such a large area of psychological inquiry as SUD, appears odd
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