Essay on Examination of Salman Rushdie's "The Courter."

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Salman Rushdie's "The Courter." is an example of a story that uses popular culture references to address the events and the feelings of characters of a particular time. In "The Courter" Rushdie uses references of culture from the early 1960's, such as pop-songs, television shows, and movies, that help readers understand and relate to the characters of his story. These references are also of a historical orientation and help direct the time frame of the story. The style that Rushdie uses for each reference help give "The Courter" its own individuality and clarify the true essence of the time. Of all the references in "The Courter" most of them have to do with music. Music is used …show more content…

The importance of movie references in "The Courter" isn't as great as the magnitude of the music references but is used to intensify the emotions that were present in the story. "Or was it that her heart, roped by two different loves, was being pulled both East and West, whinnying and rearing, like those movie horses being yanked this way by Clark Gable and that way by Montgomery Clift, and she knew that to live she would have to choose?" The way that Rushdie expresses the emotional distress present in Certainly- Mary with "The Misfits" scenario expresses the truths behind the emotion. These references help the characters become more humanistic and allow specific emotions to become associated with them. Television shows and references help explain the time set that the story was placed in. The aspect of the television characters as well as the idea of the television, show the tremendous impact that television had on society in the sixties and the amount of excitement that surrounded it. The reason television was so important was because the majority of the population had a television set and it allowed people to relate with the characters portrayed onscreen, as well as with each other by watching the programs. "Once giggling, Mary confided to Mixed-up that Fred and Wilma reminded her of her Sahib and Begum Sahiba upstairs; at which the courter, matching her audaciousness, pointed first at Certainly-Mary and then at himself,

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