Analysis Of Chraibi's Book Muhammad : A Novel

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Chraibi’s book Muhammad: A Novel is a fantastic, powerful read because it is just that: a novel. It is a fictional story, but written by an author who had an unusual, mystical calling himself to write the book. By using original aspects from the traditional biographies of Muhammad and then adding his own personal, esoteric twist on these characteristics, Chraibi creates a work of literature that is truly compelling and shows Muhammad’s journey to becoming a prophet in a mystical light. Two central distinctions, namely Muhammad’s relations with Khadija and Bahira, add the spice in this novel that really help the reader grasp what is mystical about both this literature and most importantly, Muhammad himself. In traditional texts, Bahira …show more content…

Though he is blind, Bahira has the same mystical visions as Muhammad, and he calms Muhammad down by telling him he is not alone in seeing them. Acting as a mentor, Bahira helps place Muhammad’s feet on the ground and gives him the confidence to continue forward in his journey to Mecca. Interestingly, Chraibi also creatively introduces the idea of Muhammad’s mysticism in this scene because of how Bahira sees these visions. The audience is intrigued by the mystical visions the pair of them see and is getting accustomed to the idea of Muhammad as a mystic, especially because of the fact that Bahira informs Muhammad that he sees these visions because he is special. The way Chraibi employs this character of Bahira and Khidr genuinely demonstrates and celebrates how Muhammad saw visions and was a mystic even before he became a prophet. Chraibi also took a monumental risk by making Khadija one of the central figures of mysticism in the novel. Though she has been regarded in traditional texts as one of Islam’s most important women, as well as Muhammad’s first and, arguably, most influential wife, no one gave as much importance to her in Muhammad’s journey as did Chraibi in this novel. In the Sahih Muslim, Muhammad said “God Almighty never granted me anyone better in this life than her. She accepted me when people rejected me” (Wikipedia). Khadija is known to have been extremely beautiful, Muhammad’s closest confidant, his only monogamous wife, and

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