Examining the Article: Managers’ Business School Education and Military Service: Possible Links to Corporate Criminal Activity

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Recently, the public take notice of corporate lawbreaking because of scandals on Wall Street in past years (Jaboub, 1995) and headline of prosecution to global organizations on the media, for instance, Exxon, Nippon, IBM and Samsung (Corporate Crime Reporter). These corporate criminal activities not only raised remarkable economic losses for stockholders (William et al., 2000) but also eliminated benefits of the public (Jaboub, 1995). Therefore, the researches of corporate crime are argued for many decades in different fields, such as criminology and sociology (McKendall and Wagner, 1997). What this essay attempts to illustrate is to briefly summarize the article stated by William et al. (2000) and examine the main argument within the …show more content…

Similar correlation in military experience is that the more managerial staff with prior military service among TMT, the more corporate criminal act are committed in large firms. On the other hand, there is negative correlation between return on assets (ROA) and citations. The result also commended a surprising finding that TMT tenure has a significant influence certainly on corporate misbehavior while some researchers suggest that managers with short tenure would commonly more involve in corporate wrongdoing. Further study focused on TMT tenure is carried out in research of William et al. (2005).
Within this essay, the statistics design and main arguments of this article would be evaluated. To begin with, the sample quantity of firm is 184 (TMT data is reachable) Fortune 500 companies which is fewer compared with prior researches which were related to firm size (Lane, 1953: 275 firms; Cochran and Nigh, 1987: 485 firms; Dalton and Kesner, 1988: 384 firms). Only 202 (In fact, 184) of 500 companies which remain in Fortune 500 during period of year 1991 to 1994 as shown in this study probably promoted the increasing competitive environment at that time. In such a challengeable situation, corporation performance which is taken away from this study as a factor may by and large affect

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