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Randall N. Thomas Jr.
ENC1101- English Composition 1
Professor R. Fields

Surviving middle school can be a scary and challenging place to learn at. The reason for it is all of the troublesome obstacles you will face, such as being picked on and pushed around, the physical, emotional and mental changes that will be occurring to and around you, the peer pressure you will endure for the next three years and the bad influences that will occur to you. Another difficulty you will face is the kids that will want to pressure you into smoking or skipping class, because it “cool” and we will try to do it is because we all want to have a place to belong in the social jungle that is middle school. But in …show more content…

Another instance that I had to endure was the skipping; now I’m not saying isn’t skipping is wrong, it is but I used to do it to every now and then, it’s a habit that you don’t want to start, because you will miss your assignments and to many missed classes will result in you failing the failing the class. For instance I used to skip classes when I did I usually hid out in the parking lot and read a comic book or played Mario on my Gameboy, as a result I missed tons of work and I was absent a lot, which resulted in me failing the class and having to take it again. The evilest horror I had to endure was the kids who love to pick fights. Like for instance when you see a fight happening you think that it’s cool and you want to have a closer look, but it’s totally different when it’s on the other foot, like when I was about have a fight in the parking lot at lunch, as a result of the fight I was suspended for three days. So in my own opinion the bad influence that is in middle school should be left alone at all cost.

So in conclusion, the one thing to remember is that whatever choices you make while you’re in middle school and will follow you all the way to high school and beyond. The choice

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