Example Essay of an Advertisement Deconstruction: Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion.

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In terms of women and sex appeal, the world of advertising has changed a considerable amount. Many of the advertisements which are seen in newspapers, magazines, and television fail to portray women in a more positive light. The image of females in numerous advertisements are merely viewed as fascinating "objects" while they are also being displayed in a fashion that is supposed to appeal only to men, i.e. exploitation of the body. Though these types of advertisements are very effective at selling their products to consumers, it seems as if the minds ' of women, especially younger women/teenage girls are being corrupted as they are pressured to live up to the ideal image: sexy and thin with a little extra curves. In an advertisement for …show more content…

The role of advertisements are simply created to conform the assumptions about the people who are either viewing or going to purchase the product which is seen in the ad. Advertisers know that specific ads are more or less appealing to a certain social class, hoping that their product will successfully land in front of the eyes of their ideal consumer, who will then be motivated to purchase what is seen in the ad.

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