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I can remember the stress that had been laid upon my tiny, yet dependable shoulders. I still can feel the pain of when everyone had abandoned me for Jack, even though they chose me as their trusted leader. The feeling of losing someone and witnessing their murders right in front of my innocent soul, had racked my mind at a young age so violently, that to this day I still feel shivers. The incident of the plane crash had transformed my attitude towards things; it allowed me to depend on myself in life. It made me realize that my family and friends are the most important pieces of my life. I learned that hopes and dreams are what keep humans going though hardships; that evil is within all people, but to resist it from taking over, one needs to be intellect and civilized, otherwise chaos will completely demolish what the human race today has built for us all to survive.
Even now my blood pulses within me actively, striving to help people survive; to be a leader. …show more content…

This stressful career make gives me headaches now and then, but the people of this country’s looks towards me of authority and loyalty are what motivates me and keeps me going. I base my work and life off of intellect thanks to an old, deceased friend of mine, Piggy; he had taught me great things. That name always makes me regret that I hadn’t treated him fairly, even though he stuck with me when I was wanted dead by most people on that treacherous island. On the island, in order to survive from paranoia and savages, we had to make intellect choices, such as where we would find shelter and food; of course, I desired to play around with Jack, but Piggy and I knew in order to escape off this island, we needed to use time diligently.

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