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Out of class speech Critique The speech that I attended and will be writing about is a campaign speech that Devaughn Williams gave while running for president of Phi Delta Theta Ohio Gamma chapter here at Ohio University. The audience was consisted of initiated members of Phi Delta Theta around 40 members were in attendance for the speech, for the elections, this was a formal event that the nominees and audience members dressed up for and at the end of each speech there was a Q&A session between the audience and the Canadettes. There were 3 people that were running for president. During his speech I noticed that he complemented the current president before he talked about what he would do differently giving the current president the respect that he earned during his term which gave him credibility and connected with us in the audience. During the body of his speech Devaughn talked about the former position that he had which was the recruitment chair. He then listed the accomplishments that he achieved during his term as recruitment chair. He transitioned from that by talking about what he would hope to achieve as acting president of Phi Delta Theta, his main points were about expanding popularity and continued growth of the fraternity, making sure we have good relationships with all other Greek life on campus here at Ohio University. And having fun and respecting all the rules and regulations set by Phi Delta Theta headquarters along with the IFC board which is the

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