Speech Critique : Critique And Critique

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Speech Critique
(Self-Critique=2 x 25 Possible Points)
(Peer Critique=25 Possible Points)

For the process and informative speeches you will view the video of your presentation and critique yourself. Your responses to the questions below will be submitted to the D2L dropbox as a MS Word file by the date designated on the syllabus for each speech. You will use the same questions for your peer critique. When answering questions, answer in complete sentence form, check spelling/grammar, and use punctuation.

1. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the introduction? How did you gain the audience’s attention?
My introduction begins with a video in which a child asks her mother why he is so fat. It is a good start to get the attention of audience and clarify what the speech topic is about.
It provides the preview statement clearly.
Begging a speech with a video is a good idea to get attention of audiences.
It lacked a good flow of speech.
It did not clearly mention about the central idea of the speech.

2. What was the central idea of the speech? How were the central idea and main points of the speech previewed?
 The causes of children obesity in the United States are improper dietary habit, inactive life style, and genetics, which was the central idea of the speech.
 I mentioned that there are three main reasons of children obesity: improper dietary habit, inactive life style, and genetics.
3. What method of organization was used to

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