Example Of Altrruism In Nursing

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Nurses have long been concerned as establishing professional values and behavior compare to other profession. Nurses are career work within medical industry and therefore they have interaction with various different type people and medical condition. There is characteristic requirement for equality and human dignity and this section of the desire of professionalism that nurses have. Moreover the nursing industry is broad and including different people in various circumstances yet there are should be something that binds them as nurse. This is where the professionalism comes in nurse. According research Griffith and Tengnah (2013) defined professionalism as knowledge, attitudes, values and behaviors required to be a district nurse. The main …show more content…

Nurses must have certain attitudes and behaviors in the profession to carry out roles in nursing care. The major attitude includes altruism, integrity and human dignity. It is evident that nurses highly influence on morals and responsibility to the patient .In nursing profession, nurses should provide kindness and maintain calmness to provide fully support and security to patient. Altruism is important character in nurse –patient relationship to securing care and enhances professionalism. If a nurse not fully committed to patient care it will cause negative outcome for patient. Moreover dignity is demand in nursing profession as all patients are equal and need same treatment care. In addition, integrity principles such as honestly, fairly and ethically are important while giving nursing care. While applying this value in nursing care towards their professional bodies, colleagues and patients, professionalism will be enhanced. Nurses should promote professional behavior in profession of nurse. Example always have good intention on patients, respect patient privacy as keeping medical information private when patient dealing with complicated diagnosis and represent profession nursing well everywhere. Volunteer and join groups that could benefit knowledge. More over nurse should maintain a good relationship with co worker and patients. Best communication between them reflects high

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