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Fall Dance Concert
Dance is not just about technique. It’s about taking risks and making art come alive. The pieces in Hofstra’s Fall Dance Concert exemplified this notion through their use of storytelling and unique choreography. Personally, my favourite piece was “Quadrabox”. All of the dances drew me in, but “Quadrabox” left a lasting impression. “Quadrabox” was choreographed and composed by Robert Benford and Martha Patridge. At the show I saw, the piece began with two groups of four dancers sitting in square formations on top of wooden boxes. The choreography itself reminded me of both hand-clapping games that kids play for fun and of the art of stepping. This piece was interesting to watch because it was unconventional. It was not at all what I was expecting to see. When the piece began, I caught myself wondering if it really “counted” as dance. However, as it went on I realized that I was using too narrow of a definition. The fact that I am not used to seeing something does not discount it.
The costumes, designed by Meredith R. Van Scoy, were kept very simple. The dancers wore black clothes and black or white shoes. This was most likely to ensure that the audience primarily focused on the intricate choreography. The music came from the beats the dancers made themselves with their clapping, stomping, and moving the boxes. This piece was exciting to me because in order for it to work, every single dancer had to be totally in sync with everyone else. Even one person

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