Example Of Flexible Work Schedules

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Flexible Work Schedule The beginning of work life started at the break of dawn. Most workers were bound to their work for as long as daylight was available (Chung). During the Industrial Revolution employees worked in factories on an assembly line(Chung). Workers clocked in at the same time, took lunch at the same time, and clocked out at the same time (Chung). They worked as if they were part of the machine (Chung). In modern times employee’s work within office buildings similar to assembly line workers they have a fixed schedule and work towards the ultimate goal of the organization (Chung). In modern days corporations are considering the benefits of a flexible work schedule because it can contribute to a successful work life balance by enriching families, improving an employee’s health and improving production. Modern technology such as cell phones, tablets, and computers permits a more flexible work schedule because it allows employees to stay connected to the office even if they are miles away (Chung).
Alternative work schedule are schedules does not fit the 8-hr day, 40-hr week definition (Baltes et al. 496). Some examples of common alternative work schedules include flexible working hours, compressed work weeks, part time, and telecommuting (Baltes et al. 496). Alternative work schedules, such as flextime and compressed work weeks, have been adopted by many organizations over the past several decades (Baltes et al. 496). “A recent report that surveyed 1,035

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