Example Of Identity In Beowulf

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LAR #1.3

In the past two weeks we have managed to finish an old english poetry, Beowulf and watch a documentary/film about evolution of superhero comic books. As we read the book, we were acquainted with the customs, culture, and life of the Anglo-Saxons. “Ancestral Heritage and Individual Reputation” were the novel’s prime factors. In Beowulf, I have noticed that every character is introduced by being referred to their family lineage and as their fathers’ son or daughter. Fame played a prominent role, because that’s how the warrior or individual is evoked after death and even when alive. Most characters pursue to live up to their ancestor’s standards because of the pride they have for how they acted boldly. Beowulf was very exaggerated, but that principal helped readers like me to understand the importance of a scene or character. There was many repetitions through this poem, which helped us have a fixed thought of what this novel was about. It repeated scenarios and descriptions of a character countless times so the person reading it knows what was the novel mainly about. I feel like the repetition and exaggeration helped this english poetry be passed down through generations and stay alive currently. It gave us a picture of what the customs and life was like in Scandinavia for the Anglo-Saxons. Kinship, Brotherhood, Ancestry, and Glory was the essential motifs in my opinion. I personally enjoyed reading literature out of my comfort zone. I don’t read poetry often

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