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  • Comic Novels : The Future Of Comic Books

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    thought about how dumb comic books or graphic novels were growing up? Why such avid readers were called (myself included) nerds? Yet were smarter than you? Think back to how geeky their way of speaking was and how they touched on such complexities even for a simple book! Shortly, reasoning will tell why comic books are the best. Over the years, from the 20th to 21st century, research and documentation has been stacking up to prove that comic books make their readers smarter. Comics make you want to read

  • Marvel Of Comics : Marvel Comics

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    Marvel Comics Luke Gerrard Sam Hojat Jimmy Mick John Seibert Andrew Cox   Introduction At the beginning of the 20th century, comic books emerged as a popular entertainment medium for the American public. Though initially composed of many different genres, American comic books would come to be dominated by the superhero genre. Today, the comic book industry is dominated by two companies: DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Though DC Comics was arguably the progenitor of the superhero genre by creating Superman

  • Comic Story In Literature

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    Just like traditional literature, comic books can be analyzed through narrative, structure, and plot. Since the narrative is one of the prime factors in storytelling, comics must have a strong narrative. If there is no narrative, there is no story. Although, it's important to keep in mind that stories are still stories, whether you’re reading A Tale of two Cities or Watchmen. After all, a good story can be told in any medium at all. With this in mind, while analyzing parts of the narrative, one

  • Spanish Comics: The Evolution Of Spanish Comics

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    History of Spanish Comics (a) Introduction (BBC, 2015)Spain is one of the largest countries around the world, located between the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters. The country has a rich history from 16th century during mediaeval times till early 19th century being as an overseas empire. The main historical event in Spain’s history is the civil war which occurred from 1936-1939 to overthrow Franco’s regime. One of Franco decision was to ban comic books during his reign because he didn’t want people

  • Comics: Chapter 2: Influence Of Comics

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    Chapter 2 Influence of Comics Today people live in an increasingly visual world, where we are engaged not only by texts but also by images. We are influenced by internet, magazines, advertisement, games, picture books, film, anime, comic books and so many more. Those media are using images to communicate, entertain and gain profit. It has shown an increasing usage proportion of visual or graphic representation and less text. We are now living in images dominated world. Berger (1972: 10) explained

  • History Of American Comic Comics Superheroes

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    History of American Comic Book Superheroes. Before they become significant box-office phenomena and debut for TV serious, superheroes were short stories in printed media. Supermen, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman …were comic books superheroes. The idea of superheroes was long existed. However, as many comic books historians agreed, The Phantom, published in February 17, 1936, is considered to be the first comic book costumed hero. Since then, comic books superheroes were booming. In the mid-1940s

  • The Themes Of Marvel Comics And DC Comics

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    Marvel Comics and DC Comics were both founded in the 1930’s as, naturally, comic book publishers. Today they form 70% of the comic book market. By 2016, that market as a whole had hit a record high of $1.085B in both physical and digital comic book sales (Johnston, 2016) (Comichron, 2016). Some of the highest selling comic series currently in print have strong NCC themes. These include DC’s Batman and Marvel’s The Punisher series. Batman or Bruce Wayne, is a bat-themed vigilante that carries out

  • The Superheroes Of The Comics

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    Once disregarded, comic books have been progressively paving a way to the future without sexism and racism in a time when they are becoming increasingly impactful to young adults. In 1938 Superman debuted and began the future of comic books, creating the two most influential publishers (Adkins). In 1940 Fantomah was introduced as the first female superhero character, though she remained a less popular character in the industry. It wasn’t until the early 1960’s that Wonder Woman was created, and she

  • Essay On Phantom Comics

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    • REPRESENTATION OF THE ‘OTHERS’ IN PHANTOM COMICS AND ITS EFFECT ON CHILDREN Phantom, a very popular comics superhero is adapted in various forms of media including, television, movies and videogames. Media features a crime fighter in peculiar costumes operating not only in the deep woods of Africa but also in the urbanscapes wherever crime looms large. The Phantom series first came out in the daily newspaper strips on seventeenth February, 1936, was followed by a colour strip which came out on

  • The Importance Of Comic Books

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    Comic books ; Should your child be reading them ?              Comic books consist almost entirely of stories told in a series of colored panels with balloons over the characters head to provide dialogue.Comics have been around as early as the 1900’s and was initially intended to reach the audience of both children and adults. Should your child be allowed to read comic books throughout his summer break ? The answer is yes , children should be allowed to read comic books. Comic books are actually