Example Of Reflective Workshop

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Reflective log on workshop I’m shaista student of final year BS nursing 4th year 8th semester .On 5th April Wednesday 2016. I attended workshop in People University Medical and Health Sciences for Women Nawabshah (SBA). Work shop on the psychology. Workshop is an easy way of learning because in short time period we learn more than the class. In class we learn long time lecture in weekly or monthly. In workshop we gate knowledge more than class. Workshop is very important for student and teachers in workshop we gate new knowledge and new skills about new recommendation.
Teaching workshops, student learning full enjoy the benefits of small group teaching. Small groups, as opposed to large classes, are more easily student-learn. Small groups …show more content…

Teachers encourage the students to learning. Student active participate to a successful workshop, students must also feel enjoyed that they have learned something. Ask students to summarize question what they have learned during the workshop and if they found the method helpful. Workshop is a very powerful technique method of learning. In workshop use group work as an opportunity to get to know students. in workshop explain the objectives of the group and define any relevant concepts. And some guidance about the workshop participation of members. Many students have never attend the workshop and learning groups so very need of skills and practice a workshop involves a range of different responsibilities. We often think about first is how to get knowledge and skills across we call teaching. Sometimes top down ‘teacher like’ methods can be effective, and you might use them as a facilitator. For example, if a group of people had no knowledge on a topic you might start with presentation or demonstration before letting them apply what they learnt. Knowledge does not have to come from the facilitar your job who build your own knowledge workshop is something which is new draw on their life experiences. workshop b Encouraging

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