Example Of Xenophobia

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Xenophobia as form of violence on the example of Russian Federation Shodiyor Oghonazarov American University of Central Asia Abstract. This paper will explore Violence among human played a significant part of humans’ history. There are certain types of violence that appeared in humans biologically dependent on the environment. It is important to link perspectives from origins of violence on the micro level (individual perspective) to macro level (social perspective) describing the interpretation of violence towards minorities known as xenophobia, based on example of xenophobia towards immigrants in Russian Federation. Key Words: Violence, Xenophobia, Hate Crime Introduction Xenophobia - fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or something …show more content…

Possessive xenophobia – minor individual is fundamentally different from and outside imagined community AND they are trying to take jobs, education, tax dollars, medical care, etc., from individuals of major groups. (Jones, 2011) 3. Toxic xenophobia – minor individual is fundamentally different from and outside our imagined community AND is trying to destroy that which major group holds most dear, freedom. (Jones, 2011) All three kinds of the xenophobia present in Russian society, which makes it the most violent country in post-soviet space. “Russian skinhead groups violently reject immigration (and internal migration) by ethnic minorities. Extremist groups regularly refer to a ‘genocide’ of ethnic Russians, playing on widespread racialized fears of demographic decline.” (Arnold, 2015) A number of assaults happen every day is impossible to count, considering the fact of how many of them are not registered. The level of violence against racism was the highest in the period from 2005 to 2009, after which (as I will describe below), the state delayed its police efforts late. In 2007, SOVA recorded skinheads, killing 97 people and beating 623. In 2009, the corresponding figures were 94 and

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