Examples Of Archetypal Characters In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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A number of archetypal situations occur in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that serve to promote Gawain’s moral development. At first he hesitates to go to take the place of the king, but he does it anyways and he keeps putting it off when it comes to the days before the reunion with him and the Green Knight. Morgan, Arthur's sister, plays the trickster, “know where justice lay, the old trickster revealed himself, made known his prank” (Campbell 42) and the devil figure because she was unsuccessful in destroying Camelot by sending the Green Knight there to frighten Guinevere to death. When first introduced she is to be the opposite of Lady Bertilak, Lady portrayed beautifully and Morgan as the ugliness in her presence. He did not know of her being the one that is ruining his home community until the Green Knight told him that it she put him up to this. “First I menaced you with a feigned one, and hurt you not for the covenant that we made in the first night, and which you didst hold truly. All the gain didst you give me as a true man should. The other feint I proffered you for the morrow: my fair wife kissed you, and you didst give me her kisses--for both those days I gave you two blows without scathe--true man, true return. But the third time you didst fail, and therefore had you that blow. For 'tis my weed you wear, that same woven girdle, my own wife wrought it, that do I know truthfully. Now know I well your kisses, and your conversation, and the wooing of my wife, for

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