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BUSINESS MODEL FOR FLIPKART: Flipkart is an e-commerce portal, B2C shopping Portal, for Indian customers or at-the-moment, customers ordering the goods for delivering in India. The model here is : Portal > List Sellers who sell the desired portfolio products > Get customers browsing through the products > Create appealing discounts > Customer Shops for the desired products > Seller / Flipkart ships the product to customer > Product Accepted and Not returned back > Seller gets his agreed price of the product minus the commission charged by FlipKart for doing everything they do. Thus the core bread and butter of the Model is “X% commission on the total sale value given to the seller” The sale can happen with the help of multiple channels as …show more content…

The Kindle and Kindle Fire are good examples Amazon Fresh - which sells and delivers groceries. Amazon Studios – an online social movie studio. Amazon Warehouse Deals – a discount warehouse on refurbished products. Buying Amazon has brought almost 30 companies in thirty years. One of their most recent buys, ComiXology. ComiXology offers a well-designed app for buying and reading comic books from more than 75 publishers. It makes it easy to see new comics, which sell for the same price as in store, and it's easy to buy back issues, too. There are also always comics on sale, including collections for a great price. Did you know that Amazon owns Zappos, Pet Supplies, Accessories and Products Online, and All purchased to become part of the Amazon enterprise. Partnering They partner to offer their e-commerce services to make other companies better at on-line business. Sometimes it’s just providing the service, other times it is to combine products, like they have done with Toys Are Us. Rapid growth Amazon’s growth is a relative measure. Here are several comparisons that will surprise you. In the first 5 years of their existence, these are revenue

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